Who Attends?

Juice is about making plans for action. We're looking for leaders and emerging leaders, from Maine, New England and the Canadian Maritimes, people who can come in and lend not only their thoughts, but the action of their communities and organizations.

  • Owners and managers of creative businesses: technology agencies, arts and media, cultural industries, creative networks and portals.
  • Economic, cultural and community development organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors.
  • Public policy makers and advisors active in economic and social regeneration, creativity, the arts, media and business clustering.
  • Professionals and consultants in cultural and economic development, town planning, city management, investment and venture finance.
  • Researchers, academics and students in related disciplines.
  • Entrepreneurs in creative businesses who wish to influence government policy.
  • Suppliers of goods and services to creative business clusters - e.g. legal, financial, IT, property development and media professionals.

Who should attend: artists, marketers, bioneers, networkers, small business owners, educators, creatives, designers, chambers of commerce, youth developers, techies, innovators, industry leaders, policy makers, ceo’s/vp’s, town planners, economic developers, non-profit directors, green building industry professionals, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, investors, librarians, historians, organic gardeners, marine/boat building professionals

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