What is the Creative Economy?

The Creative Economy Council defines the creative economy as referring to two factors:

A. The rising importance of creative workers in creating new jobs and companies and in helping mature industries retool for the future; and

B. The recognition of arts and cultural assets as more than contributors to quality of life in a particular place, but as important economic drivers for the region.

So who are creative workers? And furthermore, where do they live?

The answer to the second question is easy to answer - they live anywhere they want. Technology now allows us to do our work anywhere we want. Creative workers no longer have to travel to where the jobs are, instead they migrate to where the best "quality of place" exists; they go where they want to live and bring their work with them. Maine's got that in spades.

In answer to the question "who are these creative workers?" - just look in the mirror - it's you and me. Creative people tend to be self-motivated individuals that make things happen. They can be anyone from a chef to a software developer; and all the artists, scientist and entrepreneurs in between. Here are just a few examples: boat builders, filmmakers, actors, entrepreneurs, dancers, scientist, directors, graphic designers, craftspeople, artists, carpenters, marketers, activists, engineers, musicians, curators, mathematicians, writers, researchers, educators, architects, photographers, furniture makers, retailers and teachers.

The creative economy may be hard to define, but when all the ingredients are present it's easy to spot.

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