What is Juice?

Juice is a conference designed to generate energy, to be a conductor for ideas and action. Taking place over a fall weekend in Rockland, Maine, Juice will connect elements of the creative economy to spark growth and prosperity. Here we will discuss, debate and decide on action plans to fuel Maine’s future. Whether you’re an arts leader, entrepreneur, community developer, industry leaders or policy maker we invite you to join us to create currents of cross-pollination.

Connect, Collaborate, Create: The Juice Conference connects leaders of the creative economy to foster growth and prosperity. Weaving together the arts, technology, and entrepreneurship, Juice inspires innovation by bringing talented people together from widely different backgrounds to build on Maine’s traditions. Juice is a forum where attendees can learn, exchange ideas, share success stories and provide input to shape the development of strategies for Maine’s future.

Juice 4.0 will take place November 13th through 15th, 2014 at the historic Strand Theater in Rockland, Maine. This event will attract participants in a state-wide conference drawing participants from throughout the mid-coast and state of Maine. The conference will attract leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, artists and innovators to connect, collaborate, and create opportunities for economic expansion.

Why “Imagining Trust?” In order to take risks, one has to trust. These current economic times are not the time to hunker down and play it safe. Policy-makers are embracing the challenge of encouraging innovation.  Juice 4.0 will explore trust and how it enables risk: creative, financial, career, technological, organizational, political and environmental. We’ll celebrate successes and failures and look for opportunities to encourage smart economic development.

Juice is Maine’s creative economy conference. Produced by Midcoast Magnet, our collaborating partners are the Maine Arts Commission, Maine Development Foundation, Pica Design + Marketing, and Maine Technology Institute. With Cornerstone Sponsorship from Bangor Savings Bank, Juice 4.0 will feature speakers from among state and international leaders in a cross section of industries, brought together to energize, educate, and motivate conference attendees. Juice 4.0 will start with stories that imagine trust and will result in important collaborations and connections that lead to innovation and creation.

The conference will be a multi venue event in downtown Rockland with networking venues, performances, and how-to seminars with a focus on cross-pollination of industries including Arts & Culture, Community Development, Green Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Technology & Innovation.

Highlights of Juice 4.0 “Imagining Trust”

  • On stage presentations featuring leaders from Maine, and New England 
  • Engaging workshops for skill-building and inspiration
  • Singer songwriting circle with Maine and Canadian artists
  • Statewide PechaKucha representing the sectors of Juice, to be held at the historic Strand Theater
  • All day networking venue´╗┐´╗┐
  • Downtown Rockland Juice Party with live music

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